March Madness

Last sunrise of March 2015.  Decided to mix some glass into the morning ritual.


P1250668 P1250678 P1250681 P1250695


Abalone Awesomeness!

I picked up these abalone shells for $1 or so at a seaside gift shop over 10 years ago on the northern coast of California in Trinidad and have always loved the patterns and colors and way they reflect light.   I thought about burying them part way in some beach sand and using them as a candle holder but for now I just take pictures of them from time to time.  I’m not sure if they add color to these or not?  Either way I find them to be very cool.  I also like how the featured photo looks like the sad face from the theater comedy and tragedy faces.  It actually looks like 2 different faces to me. One big one and then the sad face in the chin of the big face.  I actually posted some of these before but I managed to make that post disappear somehow?  Apparently I abolished my first awesome abalone audition.


P1000168 P1000170 P1000179 P1000180

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Scars in the sand

I found these formations on the beach the other morning that I thought were quite interesting.  They remind me of Andy Goldsworthy’s work except these were done by Mother Nature.  One of the things I love about this stretch of beach is the patterns that form in the sand and these were unusual to me the way the ice formed around the crack where the water was flowing.  They remind me of scars that will soon heal with the changing of the tide and you would never know they were there.  The following shot reminds me of a forest in winter.  I could spend hours wandering the shoreline if I had the time.


P1250235 P1250238 P1250241 P1250242 P1250243 P1250245 P1250254 P1250257

Fortuitous morning at Fortunes Rocks

I had been wanting to check out this spot that is a bit further away for me for awhile now and today seemed like a good day.  Glad I made the effort and a little longer drive.  I had the whole beach to myself for awhile.  One of my favorite things about the cold morning sunrise efforts, the solitude and getting lost in the moment. Fortunes Rocks, Maine.


P1250290 P1250307 P1250310 P1250313 P1250318 P1250323 P1250336 P1250338 P1250344 P1250352 P1250354 P1250359 P1250394 P1250396

Fire Dance

One of my other favorite elements…Fire!  You can almost hear the warm snap, crackle, pop and smell the campy, smokey aroma.  Nothing like sitting around the campfire with family and friends.  I get mesmerized by the dance of the flame and love poking the logs and coals to maximize the glow.



The other Portland

Whenever I have been in Oregon I always find so much to see.  And I always have to joke with the west coast Portlanders that we were the original Portland.  Supposedly it was a toss up between Boston and Portland for the biggest city in Oregon back in the day.  Obviously Portland won the toss.  Boston Oregon would not have fit in my opinion.  These were actually taken in the very active fishing port of Newport Oregon, one of my favorite spots for reflections since their fishing fleet has so much color and the sunsets provide great light.


Dylan 2007 CA Trip 513 Dylan 2007 CA Trip 524 Dylan 2007 CA Trip 537 Dylan 2007 CA Trip 538 Dylan 2007 CA Trip 540

Frozen in Time

Found these cool ice formations on my skylight the other day and couldn’t resist.  I love how ice comes alive with a background as you move around it.  One of them reminds me of a profile of a witch or goblin.


DSC07328 DSC07354 DSC07361 DSC07367 DSC07375 DSC07379 DSC07400