No April Foolin’

Nice morning light today.  Been awhile since I’ve seen this color.

P1250702 P1250715 P1250720 P1250726 P1250761


March Madness

Last sunrise of March 2015.  Decided to mix some glass into the morning ritual.


P1250668 P1250678 P1250681 P1250695


More exploration into bending light with glass.  Guest photographer, my lovely wife.


DSC07721 DSC07722 DSC07726 DSC07729 DSC07733 DSC07738 DSC07786 DSC07818


Experimenting with some glass.


DSC07507 DSC07514 DSC07530 DSC07538

OOB Pier again

Started off scouting out the Marsh this morning but the wind was so strong it blew the clouds to the beach.  So, to the beach I went and the clouds looked like they would be better by the pier.  The clouds in these pictures weren’t there when I first got to the beach.  You just never know what you’re going to get when the sun actually comes up.


P1250550 P1250551 P1250552 P1250559

Abalone Awesomeness!

I picked up these abalone shells for $1 or so at a seaside gift shop over 10 years ago on the northern coast of California in Trinidad and have always loved the patterns and colors and way they reflect light.   I thought about burying them part way in some beach sand and using them as a candle holder but for now I just take pictures of them from time to time.  I’m not sure if they add color to these or not?  Either way I find them to be very cool.  I also like how the featured photo looks like the sad face from the theater comedy and tragedy faces.  It actually looks like 2 different faces to me. One big one and then the sad face in the chin of the big face.  I actually posted some of these before but I managed to make that post disappear somehow?  Apparently I abolished my first awesome abalone audition.


P1000168 P1000170 P1000179 P1000180

P1230696 P1230692 P1230688 P1230683

Sunny Monday

A great way to start the week off.  We get to sleep in an extra hour before sunrise which is nice too.  Welcome to week 10 of 2015.


P1250497 P1250502 P1250506 P1250509 P1250513 P1250514