Surprise surprise!

Went for my first SUP of the year this weekend, water was warmer than expected and very clear.  Skies were cloudy when I got there and didn’t think there would be any sunrise.  As I walked to the beach with my board I looked up and saw this and ran and grabbed my camera.  Barely had time to get these before she disappeared.  P1260959 P1260960 P1260964


Happy Monday

Hoping to get a few of the birds flying low across the water but think it might be time for a DSLR.  Making the most of what I’ve got.

P1250800 P1250804

No April Foolin’

Nice morning light today.  Been awhile since I’ve seen this color.

P1250702 P1250715 P1250720 P1250726 P1250761

Hole in the wall

Saw another photographer’s photo of this rock arch at Fort Williams yesterday so I had to go check it out this morning.  Very cool.  I wonder if whoever made it used a giant snowball as the form to build around or if they used something else?  Totally Andy Goldworthy.  Apparently this is the artist:


P1250619 P1250613 DSC07922 DSC07918 DSC07907

Still chilly

Considerably colder than anticipated this morning but still glad I made the effort.  Nice to get the moon in the frame for a few.


P1250575 P1250578 P1250580 P1250592

Scars in the sand

I found these formations on the beach the other morning that I thought were quite interesting.  They remind me of Andy Goldsworthy’s work except these were done by Mother Nature.  One of the things I love about this stretch of beach is the patterns that form in the sand and these were unusual to me the way the ice formed around the crack where the water was flowing.  They remind me of scars that will soon heal with the changing of the tide and you would never know they were there.  The following shot reminds me of a forest in winter.  I could spend hours wandering the shoreline if I had the time.


P1250235 P1250238 P1250241 P1250242 P1250243 P1250245 P1250254 P1250257

Sunny Monday

A great way to start the week off.  We get to sleep in an extra hour before sunrise which is nice too.  Welcome to week 10 of 2015.


P1250497 P1250502 P1250506 P1250509 P1250513 P1250514