No April Foolin’

Nice morning light today.  Been awhile since I’ve seen this color.

P1250702 P1250715 P1250720 P1250726 P1250761


March Madness

Last sunrise of March 2015.  Decided to mix some glass into the morning ritual.


P1250668 P1250678 P1250681 P1250695


More exploration into bending light with glass.  Guest photographer, my lovely wife.


DSC07721 DSC07722 DSC07726 DSC07729 DSC07733 DSC07738 DSC07786 DSC07818


Experimenting with some glass.


DSC07507 DSC07514 DSC07530 DSC07538


Cool new crystal ball with bubbles that my wife found.


DSC07470 DSC07473 DSC07646 DSC07648

Glass half full of light…

Fun little light bending session recently.  I like how a few of them remind me of fish.


P1240688 P1240691 P1240693 P1240696 P1240700

Winter Blues…and greens….and purples…

More fun with glass from this week.


P1240909 P1240924 P1240968 P1240972 P1240973 P1240980