Another nice SUPrise

On the way to Higgins this morning the sky lit up in purples and oranges and I had to make a stop along the Marsh to snap a few.  I liked this one best.  No waves but a nice calm seas to paddle and explore.  P1270007



Another slushy day in paradise.  Very cool ice formations on the rocks this morning.  Wind chill cold, cold, cold.


P1240629 P1240674 P1240679 P1240684


So, we’re supposedly not going to see the sun for the next several days.  Likely not until Wednesday.  So I was very happy to get a little bit of vitamin D this morning.  I’m sure I’ll be in a deficit situation soon enough.  We’re also supposed to get another foot of snow.  We’re running out of places to put it.   Feeling like I need a change in latitude.


P1000054 P1000067 P1000071

Happy Friday…

Higgins was a nice surprise this morning.   Love low tide here.  A couple of surfers showed up but I wasn’t quick enough to get in the right spot for a good silhouette.

Just another reason to look forward to another morning here.


P1230825 P1230817 P1230807 P1230802 P1230799

New Years Eve sunrise and sunset Last hello and goodbye to the Sun for 2014

Made the trip to Higgins beach this morning and it looked like it was going to be a dud but turned out pretty nice.  Hands were freezing though.  Had to make the effort for the last sunrise of 2014


P1220858 P1220859 P1220863 P1220891

Then caught the last sunset of 2014 at Prout’s Neck.  Farewell 2014 and welcome 2015.

P1220924 P1220913 P1220910 P1220908 P1220900 P1220897