Reflecting on 9/11 NYC

Made a stop in NYC this past friday on the way to a friends Celebration of Life ceremony in PA so we took the opportunity to see the 9/11 Memorial in Downtown Manhattan and reflect upon the tragedy that happened there almost 14 years ago.  I still remember watching the scene unfold that day and seeing the second plane hit the South Tower and wondering if what I was seeing was real as it was so hard to believe at the time.  2,977 victims lost their lives that day.  An additional 343 Firefighters and 72 Police Officers were also killed.  At Ground Zero, so many years later, I was actually a bit surprised and overwhelmed by how difficult it actually was to really take the time to grasp the horror and honor the victims.  There is so much going on there and so many people and noise that is was difficult to really reflect upon the loss.  Everyone was taking selfie’s and admiring the pools and the new 1 World Trade Center building and I found myself looking up at the marvel of the resilience of the place where such horror took place more than imagining the horror itself.  I suppose if we had had more time to visit the 9/11 museum we would have been able to grasp it better there.  We only had a few hours to explore the area on the way to remember a good friend who was also taken from this world much too soon.  I actually felt more of a connection to that fateful day at the Liberty State Park monument on the other side of the Hudson.  There was actually a bomb threat at the Statue of Liberty 4 hours before I took these photos and luckily nothing came of it other than cutting some peoples tour of Lady Liberty short and likely causing a bit of panic.  This spot seemed much more peaceful and reflective.  I like how one of these photos creates a “Twin” tower of the new 1 World Trade Center and another creates an almost heavenly feeling with the sky and silver arch over some of the names of the victims.  This is another beautiful spot for a memorial to those who lost their lives that day.  I hope this is the last memorial that needs to be built for such tragedy.  DSC08673 DSC08676 DSC08680 DSC08683 DSC08687 DSC08694 DSC08698 DSC08699