Surprise surprise!

Went for my first SUP of the year this weekend, water was warmer than expected and very clear.  Skies were cloudy when I got there and didn’t think there would be any sunrise.  As I walked to the beach with my board I looked up and saw this and ran and grabbed my camera.  Barely had time to get these before she disappeared.  P1260959 P1260960 P1260964


OOB Pier again

Started off scouting out the Marsh this morning but the wind was so strong it blew the clouds to the beach.  So, to the beach I went and the clouds looked like they would be better by the pier.  The clouds in these pictures weren’t there when I first got to the beach.  You just never know what you’re going to get when the sun actually comes up.


P1250550 P1250551 P1250552 P1250559

Sunny Monday

A great way to start the week off.  We get to sleep in an extra hour before sunrise which is nice too.  Welcome to week 10 of 2015.


P1250497 P1250502 P1250506 P1250509 P1250513 P1250514

Happy Valentines Day

Very nice way to start Valentines Day.  Mother Nature was very loving today.  Beach was popular this morning as well with at least 6 other photographers out in the -7 degree air temps capturing the start of the day.  I like how the ice is built up on the pilings.  Reminds me of a bunch of AT-ATs on the march or Clydesdales.  Another storm will bring 1-2 feet of the fluffy stuff tonight and tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend.

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Love, Laugh and Be Kind…

It’s been 1 year now since my Mother’s spirit soared from it’s broken vessel.  Her spirit has been with us ever since and I decided to bring an ornament I had made of her with me this morning to see the sunrise.  It was a beautifully clear blue sky and there were many seagulls milling about by the pier.  My Mother was a wonderful woman in so many ways and was an inspiration to my family and the many people she called friends.  She also loved taking photos, as does my Father, but she was also talented in many other ways.  She was an art teacher in her younger years and grew to become an impressive crafter, quilter, cook, illustrator, piano player, gardener, and incredible Mother all while dealing with breast cancer since she was 39.  We were very fortunate to have had her for as long as we did and not a day goes by without a reminder of her which I am so thankful for.   We love you Mom.


P1240238 P1240251 P1240262 P1240281

The Calm Color before the Storm

Hard to believe we are supposed to get 2+ feet of snow tonight and tomorrow along with 50+ mph winds and up to 19 foot seas causing severe beach erosion and possible property damage.  At least it was beautiful this morning.  I think I will attempt to visit the same spot on Wednesday or Thursday to see the difference.


P1240167 P1240168 P1240170 P1240188 P1240192 P1240200genthumbwx.ashx

The sky is falling…

Sometimes you have to look down to see what’s up…


P1230793 P1230788 P1230790 P1230785 P1230774