March Madness

Last sunrise of March 2015.  Decided to mix some glass into the morning ritual.


P1250668 P1250678 P1250681 P1250695



More exploration into bending light with glass.  Guest photographer, my lovely wife.


DSC07721 DSC07722 DSC07726 DSC07729 DSC07733 DSC07738 DSC07786 DSC07818


Shots from a trip to the coast of Oregon back in 2007.  I believe these were taken in Florence on the river.


Dylan 2007 CA Trip 386 Dylan 2007 CA Trip 401 Dylan 2007 CA Trip 405


Experimenting with some glass.


DSC07507 DSC07514 DSC07530 DSC07538

OOB Pier again

Started off scouting out the Marsh this morning but the wind was so strong it blew the clouds to the beach.  So, to the beach I went and the clouds looked like they would be better by the pier.  The clouds in these pictures weren’t there when I first got to the beach.  You just never know what you’re going to get when the sun actually comes up.


P1250550 P1250551 P1250552 P1250559


Cool new crystal ball with bubbles that my wife found.


DSC07470 DSC07473 DSC07646 DSC07648

The other Portland

Whenever I have been in Oregon I always find so much to see.  And I always have to joke with the west coast Portlanders that we were the original Portland.  Supposedly it was a toss up between Boston and Portland for the biggest city in Oregon back in the day.  Obviously Portland won the toss.  Boston Oregon would not have fit in my opinion.  These were actually taken in the very active fishing port of Newport Oregon, one of my favorite spots for reflections since their fishing fleet has so much color and the sunsets provide great light.


Dylan 2007 CA Trip 513 Dylan 2007 CA Trip 524 Dylan 2007 CA Trip 537 Dylan 2007 CA Trip 538 Dylan 2007 CA Trip 540