Happy Monday

Hoping to get a few of the birds flying low across the water but think it might be time for a DSLR.  Making the most of what I’ve got.

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Still chilly

Considerably colder than anticipated this morning but still glad I made the effort.  Nice to get the moon in the frame for a few.

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Farewell February

Took these this past friday.  Weather is starting to show signs of warm up.  Spring is right around the corner.  Looking forward to green grass sightings.  I think it may still be awhile.

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Magenta Morning Memories

The pre sunrise outshined the actual sunrise today.

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Just a little warm up before the New Year…

I decided to get a jump start on my resolution this morning as it looked like it might be a good sunrise.  Up at 6:45 Sunrise at 7:12am, short drive to Scarborough Marsh Eastern Trail and I scored a pretty nice welcome to the day with 1 other photographer, 1 walker, 1 jogger and 2 duck hunters.  I was surprised that hunting is allowed in the Marsh but I guess it is?  Not a bad way to start the day although it was only 31 degrees.  It’s only going to get colder though.  I’m looking forward to a fresh snowfall sunrise.

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