Another nice SUPrise

On the way to Higgins this morning the sky lit up in purples and oranges and I had to make a stop along the Marsh to snap a few.  I liked this one best.  No waves but a nice calm seas to paddle and explore.  P1270007


Happy Monday

Hoping to get a few of the birds flying low across the water but think it might be time for a DSLR.  Making the most of what I’ve got.

P1250800 P1250804

Still chilly

Considerably colder than anticipated this morning but still glad I made the effort.  Nice to get the moon in the frame for a few.


P1250575 P1250578 P1250580 P1250592

Prouts Neck Surprise

Getting out of bed this morning was a bit of a stuggle for me but I pried myself from under the covers and hit the road.  There is a high spot on my drive to the coast each morning that gives me a glimpse of what the sunrise is shaping up to be.  This morning the sky was a nice purple hue about 40 minutes prior to actual sunrise so I knew that there was good likelihood of color.  I decided to head to the Black Point Inn and access the beach from the beach club as I figured there would be footprints and I wouldn’t have to hoof it through waist deep snow.  Luckily someone had cleared a path to the staircase to get down to the beach.  Unfortunately, there were no stairs. Doh@!#!@.  So I had to follow someone elses footprints through the snow and down a rocky slope to get down to the beach.  I was very glad that I did as this was a very cool sunrise.  One of those rare mornings when there is a haze that allows you to look directly at the sun without burning your eyes out and it was a deep purple/red color.  Today was a day that I wished I had a better camera with a really good zoom to get a tight shot on the sun as it made its way over the horizon and into the sky.  Still a great way to start the day.  I took a 2 hour nap when I got home.  Probably posting too many shots here but I couldn’t decide which ones to leave out.


P1250418 P1250421 P1250425 P1250428 P1250431 P1250432 P1250439 P1250444 P1250446 P1250457

Farewell February

Took these this past friday.  Weather is starting to show signs of warm up.  Spring is right around the corner.  Looking forward to green grass sightings.  I think it may still be awhile.


P1250073 P1250084 P1250086 P1250091

Prouts Neck sunrise

Beautiful but slippery morning trail.


P1230595 P1230604